About Us

IPP works with various organizations, both domestic and international, building out coalitions surrounding criminal justice reform.

We believe in the inherent value of every human being, including criminal offenders, and envision a world where incarcerated people are offered opportunities for rehabilitation and healing.  

We believe in dialogue among all stakeholders about change in our criminal justice system from a punitive to a rehabilitative stance; and that the primary impetus for change lies with the public, not just the prison or political system.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase awareness and encourage change regarding the plight of those imprisoned in this country and abroad in what are often difficult and deplorable conditions.  

We strive to encourage and expand humanity's connection with imprisoned men and women - and their families - in the areas of rehabilitation, reconciliation, reentry back into society, and spiritual development.

Who We Are

IPP is an ecumenical clearinghouse and think tank on prison issues that strives to open minds to reduce mass incarceration.  It acts as a change agent on local, national and international levels by creating and facilitating conversation; networking to help organizations in this field to join forces; connecting people related to the field of prison work; educating through journal articles and conference presentations; to name a few. As an organizer of Annual Side Events on Prison Issues at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, we raise awareness of the global public. 

We believe

 In the need for restorative and redemptive efforts for people incarcerated in our prison systems, in cooperation with the criminal justice system and prison authorities.

 That the time has come for a major revision of our punitive approach to those who break the rules of society.
 That we are all in prison of one form or another.  When we participate in another's healing journey, we can experience healing as well

In the final analysis, poverty - in all its manifestations - is the key root cause of crime and imprisonment in this world. The eradication of Poverty is listed as #1 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  As Karima Bennoune, Special Rapporteur in the field of Cultural Rights for the United Nations stated at the UN event on the Universality of Human Rights in October 2018, "there are no second class human beings".