Hans Hallundbaek's Articles

|Apr 1996| Resurrection in Sing Sing, Maryknoll, Vol 90, Number 4, pp 40 – 43

|Sep-Oct 1996| Seminary Sing Sing: Theological Education Comes to Prison, Prism, Vol 3, Number 6, p 35

|Winter, 1997| Of Math and Ministry, Faith at Work, Vol 110, Number 4, p 11

|Jan-Feb 1997| A New Preferential Option: A theological program in Sing Sing prison rehabilitates and renews, Sojourners, Vol 26, Number 1, p 39 (https://sojo.net/magazine/january-february-1997/new- preferential-option)

|May 1998| From Singapore to Sing Sing…And Back, Westchester County Weekly, pp 10-12

|Jan 1999| East and West Embrace, Maryknoll, Vol 93, Number 1, pp 40-44

|April 1999| Stone Upon Stone, Sojourners Magazine (https://sojo.net/magazine/march-april-1999/stone-upon-stone)

|Jun 1999| Affiliates in Action, Maryknoll, Vol 93, Number 6, pp 8-14

|Mar 2000| Jesus in Prison, Maryknoll, Vol 94, Number 3, pp 45-48

|Nov 1999| Under the Bridge of Tears, Maryknoll, Vol 93, Number 10, pp 36-38

|Nov 2001| Africa: Life from Below, Maryknoll, Vol 95, Number 10, pp 12-17

|Oct 2002| Confessions of a Businessman: Prison is the spiritual home for an entrepreneur turned Maryknoll Affiliate, Maryknoll, Vol 96, Number 9, pp 47-49

|Dec 2005| Mission of a Soccer Mom, Maryknoll, Vol 99, Number 9, pp 32-35

|2005| Falling in Step with Jesus’ Marching Orders (about Hans pg 3 (https://www.thedivinemercy.org/assets/pdf/friends/FriendsNews.pdf)

|Sep-Oct 2006| Welcome to “University of Sing Sing”, Prism, Vol 13, Number 5, pp 17-21 (https://issuu.com/prismmagazine/docs/13septoct06welcometounivofsingsing)

|Aug 2008| Leaving Sing Sing, Sojourners Magazine


|Jan/Feb 2009| Lost and Found, Prism Magazine (https://issuu.com/prismmagazine/docs/lost_and_found)

|Jan 2012| The Hidden Treasure of Prison Ministry (about Hans)

|June 2014| Video: Hans as Overture Advocate at PCUSA General Assembly

|Nov/Dec 2015| The Art of Rehabilitation, Presbyterians Today, Vol 105, Issue 8, pp

50-52 (pt.epubxp.com/i/591366/51)

|2017| An Art-Inspired Innovative Approach Changes Prisoner Behaviour – A Case Study, International Corrections and Prison Association Journal (https://icpa.ca/an-art-inspired-innovative-approach-changes-

|Jan 2017| Art for a Change, Corrections Today (http://www.aca.org/ACA_Prod_IMIS/DOCS/Corrections%20Today/2017%20Articles/Jan

|Dec 2017| Christmas in Prison, NEXT Church blog (https://nextchurch.net/christmas-in-prison/)

|Jan 2018| Minute for Mission: Criminal Justice Sunday, PCUSA Presbyterian Mission blog (https://www.presbyterianmission.org/story/january-

|July/August 2018| Forgiving and Forgiven: Forging a New Path in Rwanda, Horizons: The Magazine for Presbyterian Women, pp 14-17 (https://www.presbyterianwomen.org/horizons-magazine/horizons-julyaugust-2018/)


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