Prison Film Series

Mothers of Bedford, Issues of parenting at maximum security prison

Zero Percent, Hudson Link, privately funded College Education program at NY State prisons

Amazing Grace, Rehabilitation Through the Arts (RTA) Performance-based program at five New York State Prisons

The New Jim Crow, Review of her best-selling book by Dr. Michelle Alexander

Broken on All Sides, Race. Mass Incarceration & New Visions for Criminal Justice in the US.

Reentry Series, Healing Justice, Transformed Lives

Solitary Confinement, Torture in Your Backyard. National Religious Campaign Against Torture

Voices from Sing Sing, Superintendent Michael Capra on the issue of Gun Violence

Dramatic Escape,  Documentary on RTA production of “A Few Good Men” in Sing Sing prison.

A Prosecutor’s Vision for a Better Justice System, TED Talk by Adam Foss,

 And others currently under review.

Contact PPP and we will, based upon your specific interest, schedule a
screening and dialogue event at your venue for a nominal donation.
Contact: Hans Hallundbaek,