Ecumenical Advocacy Days (EAD)


Every year, IPP attends EAD in Washington, DC for its conference, culminating in a day of lobbying legislators on Capitol  Hill. Rev. Alonzo Johnson and Hans presented No Longer Exiled: Bridging the Gap Between Church and Mass Incarceration.

They addressed how our criminal justice system focuses on isolating and dividing community - separating certain groups from others - rather than connecting people together for a sense of belonging to a community, a basic human need.

Yale Divinity School

April 14th, 2018

Such as, Iraq War Veteran and Returned Citizen Judah Takia Parham and Hans Hallundbaek presented at Yale Divinity School's Association of Practical Theology Conference. Their presentation, "Engaging Our Incarcerated Neighbors through the Transformative Power of the Arts", addressed restorative justice in a society that incarcerates individuals at an extremely high rate and with an equally high rate of racial disparity.

Big Tent - Race, Reconciliation, Reformation

July 8th, 2017

Adopt Your Local Prison -

Today's criminal justice system focuses on breaking and not forging community by separating certain groups (minorities, disenfranchised, the poor, people of color, and so on) from others. This is a global trend, and the Prison Industrial Complex continues to further strengthen this process in our country. The Idea of "Forging Community" is as old as the Greek idea of "Polis" (city or local community). In fact, it is much older-it is found in most early human tribes and societies. restorative justice is the Polis idea as it relates to those who break the rules of society. This is a community-based justice system focused on the healing of broken relationships, in direct opposition to today's outdated, punitive model. In this restorative justice model, each jail and prison becomes a place for churches and ministries to engage in community outreach, healing, and reintegration. This workshop will offer analysis of the intersections of economics, race, class, and power, and how they are operative in the current predatory system of mass incarceration....

[Led by Hans Hallundbaek]

NEXT Church - Kansas City, MO



Fordham University

April 9th, 2016

Hans Hallundbaek's presents at Fordham University's Association of Practical Theology Biennial Conference. He presented on the growth state prison system in NY and it's rising costs, how many people integrate back into our communities, the state of re-education programs, and the challenges of education and rehabilitation.

CURE Conference in Las Vegas